Ecology, Environment And Energy Lab

Please go back to our lab manual – to the very beginning pages (even before the lab exercises) and note the focus on the support of renewable energy promoted by the text publisher etc…

Close to 18 years ago a new and controversial film came out in select movie theatres titled “Bowling for Columbine”, my family and I drove about an hour to see it…

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Now in 2020 a brand new film, by the same filmmaker, was released and made available to the public through YouTube on Earth Day last month. Please watch Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans here:

Afterward please type up a short analysis of the film. What did you find surprising? What did you find controversial? How does this film add to the perspective of the previous documentaries?

Disclaimer – I do not necessarily endorse everything that is presented in our labs, whether it be all of the material from the lab manuals, documentaries, other peoples’ opinions etc. (obviously, since we have sometimes seen polar opposite perspectives). Having said that, the broader the view(s) one is aware of the more informed of an opinion one may make about real-world contemporary issues in the field of physical geography and beyond.

Also, as a reminder your own personal opinion is welcome (check back with the syllabus for a reminder about that) and encouraged so feel free to draw on whatever material/thoughts you would like. Integrating diverse viewpoints is essential for a cohesive and tolerant society where freedom of speech and expression allows everyone a voice and in our collective and individual search for the truth about how to live in harmony with our planet, each other and our common Life Force we should all hope that the correct way to utilize our planet’s resources will be found, encouraged and tapped into without letting external factors get in the way. The health and welfare of this earth and all of it’s inhabitants is certainly a cause worth investing in, I think.

Length? No particular requirement here – but more than a few sentences or even paragraphs – please give specific examples from the video and any other class content (or other sources as well) in your write-up. You can organize it in whatever way you wish.

I hope to make additional resources available that you can browse through and learn from later on.