Early childhood education programs

I want you to rewrite a paper and include these information please about Early Childhood programs and early childhood teacher preparation in Saudi Arabia.

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ECE/ ECD Sector

Access and available services for young children

Children in pre-K, children with special needs, girls, marginalized groups

Teacher Education in ECE/ ECD

Site,  programs, Duration 

Site (e.g. normal schools, teacher education colleges, universities, school based teacher education), if normal school describe and explain type of normal school; programs, e.g. B Ed, or Bachelor and Postgraduate Diploma in Education, M Ed , or whatever; Duration: how many years do the teacher education programs take to complete

file number 1 has some important information as well as file 2. If you needed more info you can research it and add your sources. I want it to be only four pages double space and explicitly addresses early childhood education in Saudi Arabia as well as teacher education there.