Discussions 1 And 2

Influence of Non-Western Schools of Thought

Choose one of the non-Western theories presented unit’s readings (Indian, Buddhist, or Japanese) and do the following:

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· Using the four attributes below 1, describe the principles of this theory, and the values inherent in the theory.

· What is the subject matter covered by this theory? What problems does this theory address, and what kinds of methods are typically used to do address problems? Remember that we are discussing psychological methods, so focus on those rather than solely on religious or cultural aspects of the non-Western theory you choose.

· Have Western schools of thought influenced this non-Western theory? Has the non-Western theory influenced Western psychology? Cite 2–3 relevant scholarly articles, in addition to the ones provided in the unit that supply information about the non-Western theory you are discussing.

Four Attributes

1. Principles: Rules and standards associated with the school of thought.

2. Values: Core beliefs, ideals, and priorities that distinguish this school of thought from others.

3. Subject Matter: Content, the issues focused on by practitioners of this school of thought.

4. Research Methods and Other Applied Methodologies: Questions asked and problems solved by those using this school of thought.

Must be done separate. No exceptions

Discussion 2

Non-Western Theories and Your Research Paper

Taking into account the principles, values, subject matter, and research methods of one of the non-Western schools of thought, answer the following:

· If you adopted the principles and methods of one of these non-Western schools of thought, how would this affect how you frame your research topic? Would you be able to use the topic you have chosen in the same way? In other words, would the non-Western school of thought align with your topic as you have currently conceptualized it? Or would you need to address the topic differently because of different values or practices within the non-Western approach?

Be specific, and show how your research topic might look within the context of the non-Western school of thought you have chosen, or how it might need to be modified to make sense within that context. Support your post with at least two peer-reviewed articles.