Payor Mix

Some of you have indicated a desire that your health system would target, at least in some measure, underserved populations in your community. Even if you have not highlighted care of the underserved in prior discussions, let us assume that in terms of public relations with the community, the executive leadership of your health system realize that they must deal with the full scope of payer mix to some extent which includes:

1.  Patients with commercial insurance (a.k.a. private insurance)

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2.  Patients with “public” insurance (i.e., Medicare and Medicaid)

3. Even patients with no insurance at all.

As you prepare your health system to bring on APNs in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings, explain what you—and the executive management of your organization—need to understand how to effectively utilize APNs given the reality of the payer mix described above.

** This is in reference to a hypothetical healthcare system in rural America utilizing Advance Practice Nurses **

APA required with scholarly references a must.