CSR loyalty programs 600 word research paper help

600 word research paper (MLA format) on the benefits and challenges of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), highlighting customer loyalty programs.

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Feel free to select one of these information systems:

  • FedEx  
  • UPS
  • U.S. Postal System
  • Mobil Speed Pass
  • EZ Pass Toll System (similar to those used for NY/MA/NJ/NH, etc.)
  • SunPass (toll payment system used in Florida)
  • RFID Inventory Tracking System (used by Wal-Mart, Target, any other retail store, any government agency, any supermarket, car dealerships, or car rental company)
  • Catalog company (shipping process, inventory system, or billing system)

Examples: LL Bean, Lands End, Sears, EMS, JC Penney, Plow and Hearth, JC Whitney, or any large retail business