Creating a code of Ethics

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Creating a Code of Ethics You went to high school with Marcella Rhoades. Rhoades and a few friends have created a to rival Amazon in the world of software sales. They have invented a new software platform that increases computer speed by up to 50 percent. Rhoades, Inc. went from sales of $500/year to $50 million/year in two years. They are doing business in Malaysia, Spain, Mexico, and Romania, as well as the US. Unfortunately, Rhoades and the four other co-owners, have not had time to formally organize the company, beyond making themselves officers and board members, as required in the incorporation papers of the state of Washington. They have 25 full-time employees, and expect to have over 200 employees on two continents by July. They currently have a sales division (two of the owners and 15 full-time staff) and production (two of the owners, 5 full-time staff, and 50 part-time staff). R&D is the chief responsibility of Rhoades, with all other owners. They have supervisors among the full-time staff, but no other management hierarchy. Marcella has contacted you, knowing you’re not only very bright, but know business ethics. They hire an external accounting firm, who dedicates five staff solely to Rhoades, to keep the finances in order. Assignment: Your job is to create a four to eight page, comprehensive ethics policy outline for Rhoades, Inc. to review before they perform mass hiring’s. They are hungry for what you are going to tell them. They want to work fairly and ethically. Include the following, remembering that you will have to explain everything. They are computer geniuses who know nothing about the world of business ethics. Your project should include a summary of the project, table of contents, and body of work including an organized description of the following concepts as they apply Rhoades business needs: Organization. How should the company be organized? Suggest committees, employees, etc. Decision Making Procedure. What should they know about ethical decision making and problem solving? Identify Stakeholders, Markkula, or any other components of business ethics, as necessary. New Employee Training. What training should new employees receive regarding ethics? Applicable Laws of Industry. What laws do they need to understand? Whistle Blowing Policy What about whistleblowing? What about oversees bribes? What else will you include? (use the chapter titles from your book to guide you) You may borrow from existing codes of ethics from other companies, as long as you give credit. Format and organization is up to you, including PowerPoint Format. Assignment Points Rubric 25 Points: Stayed within assignment parameters. 35 Points: Addressed the questions. 30 Points: Final project is organized, and easy to follow for the audience. 10 Points: Resources listed in APA format. IMPORTANT In creating your final project, it is always wise to have factual data to support your answers. I would like to see you reference 5 different research articles in your presentation to support your answers. Have a slide at the end of your presentation with your references.

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