Conformity discussion question w3 help

Please note each question must include 150 word minimum and one peer reviewed reference

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Question A: How does our text define conformity?  What are the three types of conformity?  Please explain and give an example of each type of conformity?

Question B: According to social psychology, how is a group defined?  What groups are you a part of?  Which of these groups has been the most influence over you?  Please explain.

Question C: Watch the video about Milgram’s experiment and answer the following: What does this experiment tell us about obedience and conformity? After watching this video, would you consider Milgram’s experiment to be ethical? Why or why not?

Question D: Think about a group you belong to and identify with.  What does this group mean to you?  What examples demonstrate your level of identification with this group?

Question E: Think about a group you belong to, yet do not identify with.  What factors demonstrate your lack of identification with this group?

Question F: Define social influence

Question G: Analyze the effect of group influence on the self.

Question H: Electronic Reading