Need English help to Watch the film version of the play “Crime of the Heart” and Review the film base

From the provided list, choose one of the plays and watch the film version (keep in mind that some plays have been filmed more than once; be sure the film you watch matches the list by checking the actors).  Review the film based on the criteria below in a 600-700 word typed report. You may use as many paragraphs as you wish, but don’t make the report one never ending paragraph. Be sure to cover each of the areas discussed below.

**Identify the name of the play and its author. Into which general category would you place the play-drama, comedy, comedy/drama, historical drama?

**State the basic premise of the play (DO NOT provide a complete plot summary). Be sure to identify all the major character (don’t just refer to the characters by the name of the actor portraying that character).

**Identify the nature of the conflict in the play.

**Does the movie try to be more of a “cinematic experience” than simply a filmed stage play? Discuss whether you could have guessed the movie was based on a play or whether the movie has been “opened up” (with numerous scene change, outdoor photography, etc) to such an extent that its original origins aren’t particularly apparent.

**Which actor turns in the best performance and/or is the most entertaining? Refer to the actor by name, not just by the character’s name. What do you like about this particular performance? Also discuss whether any actor are miscast (that is, don’t really “fit” the part) or have distracting accents or mannerisms.

**What do you think is the theme, or meaning, of the play? Keep in mind that some plays feature several themes running concurrently.

**Any additional comments, praise or complaints about the film version? The fact that a movie is “old” or in black-and white is NOT a legitimate complaint!


 Title of PLAY- “Crimes of the Heart” by Beth Henley; with Diane Keaton, Jessica Lange and Sissy Spacek

English Immigration Essay , writing homework help

Your assignment is to write an argument based on the sources below. They all take different perspectives on immigration. Your paper is not simply summarizing what each article says. You are supposed to use the articles to support a specific argument (i.e. your thesis).

Broken and Obsolete by Fareed Zakaria (Time magazine)

The Children of the Drug Wars by Sonia Nazario (New York Times)

How Migration Hurts Poor Countries and by Paul Collier (New York Times)

Put an End to The Skill Bias by Richard Korman (ENR: Engineering News-Record)


Create a specific and analytic thesis based on these articles

Use each source at least once.

Synthesize your sources throughout your paper (see MLA powerpoint for more on this).

Support most claims with more than one source

2-3 pages (NOT including Works Cited page), double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman, 

Paper needs an original title and proper headings

Avoid 1st & 2nd person

Must have at least 3-4 quotes (with the correct format) & Works Cited page

Must have paraphrased information from the sources followed by parenthetical citations

Texas Government

Discussion 2: Choose
ONE of the following questions to answer in the Discussion Board:
This lesson covers Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10
  1. Distinguish between the regular and special sessions of the Texas legislature.  Describe the specific features of each and explain the role of the governor.
  2. Identify the legislative tools of persuasion available to the governor and describe how they are used to influence the legislative process.  Explain which tools are most effective.
  3. How does Texas rank in the number of prisoners, use of the death penalty, and in the success of the system?  Is the system working, and is it working for all Texans equally
Discussion 3: Choose
ONE of the following questions to answer in the Discussion Board:
This lesson covers Chapters 3, 4, and 5
  1. Describe the purposes and functions of interest groups and why people participate in them.
  2. Describe the historic evolution of the Republican Party in Texas.
  3. Describe the eligibility qualifications and registration process for voting in Texas. Identify those socio-economic factors that influence voter participation.
Discussion 4: Choose
ONE of the following questions to answer in the Discussion Board:
This lesson covers Chapters 12, 13, and 14 in the textbook:
  1. Identify and describe four types of taxes that fund state (not local) government. Explain the relative merits of each tax in terms of generating revenue.
  2. Identify and describe the various bodies that govern the public schools in Texas. Explain some of the specific issues with which these bodies have to deal. Do you think issues of education should be determined by politicians or by trained education officials.
  3. Identify some of the federal government programs that the state of Texas administers in the area of health and human services. Describe any particular issues connected with these programs. Do you believe these programs should be administered by the state, or directly by the federal government?

Just like the first government assignment please pick one from each discussion and answer it, but please just give me a short, sweet, and simple answer, it does not need to be in essay format I don’t want to seem like an overachiever on my discussions LOL, thank you friend by the way what is your name.


Wk 10, Journal Entry

On Assignment for Rolling Stone_1_1.pdf

You are to write a 3 page, double spaced book or movie review on a religious topic. Ensure that the film or book chosen for review has a religion theme or story line. Students are not required to interact with a text and a film, unless they are enamored of both. It’s your call.

Ethical Responsibilities of Human Services as a Profession

dear tutor please go with the social responsibility to please the consumer (client) You can reseach info from online…please cite

Reflect & Respond

Professional women and men in a meeting room.This module has dealt mostly with ethical frameworks as they apply to each human service professional, yet social work (and by implication, human services) as a profession may have a responsibility to society as a whole as well. Some possible social responsibilities of the profession may be:

  • to guarantee high quality services through education, certification, and licensure
  • to meet legal requirements (the legal stance)
  • to assure justice for all people, especially those who are unable to speak for themselves
  • to empower the powerless through teaching them to use the scientific methods of the modern world. (the radical social work stance)
  • to respect diversity by developing inclusive ethical standards based on consensus with client groups (the postmodern stance)
  • to serve individual clients using the latest helping techniques without concern for the broader society (the technical approach)
  • to maintain or manage pain and suffering in the most cost effective manner possible (the neoliberal stance)
  • to please the consumer (the business stance)
  • to please the funding and regulatory agencies (the bureaucratic stance)

Imagine that you are on the Board of Directors of a professional organization charged with developing a statement regarding the social responsibilities of the profession. Take one of these positions (or another that you have uncovered in your reading) and argue for making it the central focus of the profession’s social responsibility. Be sure to cite arguments from your readings and research outside of the course. Convince us all of the “rightness” of your position.

finale social

I will have to send you the week 3 paper, therefore you will just need to write a 6 page

Final Research Paper

How to Begin: This week you will incorporate feedback from the Week Three Assignment to complete the Final Research Paper. You will have formed your own conclusions about these issues, based on factual information and evidence from scholarly sources. At this point, you have examined the social aspects of aging. In addition, you have assessed the impact of aging on society in the areas of economics, discrimination, and political influence, and assessed the role of demographics on aging in terms of health, income, employment, and retirement. Moreover, you have had the opportunity to examine the numerous policies that are in existence for the purpose of assisting the aged in our society.

Task: The Final Research Paper will focus on the impact of a growing aging population in the United States and the aging population in general. This impact could be defined in terms of increased health care costs with simultaneous decreased economic contributions, increased housing needs, and a reduced proportion of the population contributing to Social Security. As you address the political embattlement related to programs for the aged (i.e., Medicaid, Medicare, Disability, Welfare and Supplemental Security Income, and The Older Americans Act), you must include the following elements, which you began in your outline assignment from Week Three:

  1. Title page
  2. Explain the rapid increase in the older population using the demographic transition theory.
  3. Analyze the implications of an increasing aging population for two or more of the following social issues:
    1. The funding and availability of Social Security.
    2. The funding and availability of Supplemental Retirement Income.
    3. Work and retirement challenges facing seniors.
    4. The funding and availability of adequate health care for seniors.
  4. Summarize what the experts have written about the issues facing the United States in terms of the growing elderly population. How do experts suggest addressing these issues? Assess whether their conclusions are methodologically sound.
  5. Assess how the growing aging population is going to impact the younger generations in terms of political power and their need for social support.  
  6. Evaluate the actions that are currently being taken to address these issues of having an increasing aging population. What have been the results of those actions? Justify which remedies you agree with, and support your conclusions with your scholarly research.

The paper must be eight to ten pages in length (excluding title page and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style. In addition to the course textbook, the paper must include a minimum of five scholarly sources located using ProQuest or a similar database in the Ashford University Library. The sources must have been written within the last five years. Make sure to cite your sources in the text as well as on the reference page.

Write a paper of 1,500-1,750 words that addresses what should be the foundation

Write a paper of 1,500-1,750 words that addresses what should be the foundation of intelligence testing. Include the following in your paper:

  1. A discussion of the original definition of intelligence as suggested by Binet, including the intelligence quotient (IQ) that is the result of this theoretical construct
  2. A discussion of the challenges to the definition of intelligence made by Gardner, Spearman, and others
  3. An evaluation of which definition(s) should be the basis of intelligence testing

Effects of Advertising, social science homework help

Choose a product or service from these examples:

  • Fast food
  • Class of consumer product
  • Personal care
  • Automobile

Research the Internet to analyze how that product or service has been advertised.

Prepare a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you investigate the role of advertising in a culture of consumerism. Be sure to discuss the following:

  • Who determines ethical standards for advertising?
  • In what ways has advertising affected American culture?
  • What are the key persuasive techniques used in consumer advertising? Illustrate with specific examples, explaining how each technique works.
  • Discuss some of the critical issues that may arise from the following areas:
    • Children and advertising
    • Advertising in schools
    • Health and advertising
    • Political advertising
  • Find one example of a commercial that strikes you as particularly creative and appealing:
    • What are the elements that are unusual?
    • What is the target group of the commercial?
    • How does the commercial appeal to consumers?
    • Why do you believe this commercial to be effective in brand name recognition?
    • How are ethical standards met (or pushed to their limits)?

Illustrate your findings with specific examples. List any references on the last slide.

Format consistent with APA formatting guidelines.

Society and Anthropology

What kind of Society would you like to live in? Are there economic alternatives in the current world we live in that is built in a non-capitalist way and is successful? 

Build a 4 page paper. 

Think about capitalism and the crisis related to it. 

Think about anarchism and marxism. 

Think about all the environmental issues related to this world. 

ALL WORK MUST BE CITED. At least 5 citations from different resources. 

Express your feelings, english assignment help

Use this first reflection to express your feelings (500 words) about spending (almost) an entire semester talking about race.

Be honest here…If it were me, I wouldn’t be thrilled. I’ve heard so much rhetoric surrounding race. I feel saturated in the topic sometimes.

But, an entire semester spent talking about feminist issues would be divine! And why is that? Simply put, I’m a white woman. Issues of race don’t affect me as deeply as feminist issues do. Right? (Oh, trust me…we’ll get into the intersection between racial oppression and the oppression of women). Nope.

That was how I used to think…my very raw, honest views were that race issues didn’t affect me. Until I learned to de-colonize my mind and open up to race as not just black as race, but whiteness as race, as well as African and Indian and Asian and Latino/a and gay and transgender…you see where this is going?

While each of these groups experience oppression in different ways, it is still oppression. It is still painful. And it affects us all. It’s both racial and cultural.

I believe in the Black Lives Matter movement. And I refuse to qualify that with, “oh, but of course I feel all lives matter” because, duh… To be more adult about it, though – I don’t need to qualify my belief that there is a community that is hurting and in need of allies with the placation that “everyone’s a winner!” People (myself included) need to get over themselves and see the bigger picture.

And, my friends, that’s what I hope our discussions on race will accomplish…we will continue to get over ourselves, de-colonize our minds, and grow as critical thinkers, writers, speakers and people.