Case Analysis Homework Help

This paper I know is short notice I would like who ever does pick it that they have it by the due date. 

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I would like the person to be Analysis to be  farrah abraham from Teen Mom, if you dont know who this is you could pick someone from your choice. 

Paper does need to be APA include he following

1. Cover Page – header, running head, title, your name and the name of the university

2. Abstract- should be no more than 150 words

3. Body

4. References Page

Case Analysis (3-5 pages)

Your assignment is to choose a person (fictional or nonfictional) from a book, movie, headlines, television. Choose someone your instructor is likely to know. If in doubt, ask. Describe this person from the viewpoint of one of the theories we’ve covered.  .  Analyze the person’s behavior, feelings, personality from the viewpoint of the theorist. Be consistent and thorough. Consider why this person acts as he or she does, conceptualize problems in terms of the theory, describe what kind of childhood such a person must have had. Let your imagination go as you hypothesize about what your theorist might say about this person!