Behavioral, Cognitive, or Reality Theory Counseling, psychology homework help

For this discussion, you will choose a theory from this unit and then create a scenario in which you are counseling a client, applying techniques from that theory. The details of the counseling session scenario are up to you; however, note that your client must come from a diverse social or cultural background. Write the script of your hypothetical counseling session. The script must have at least 20 responses—10 from the client and 10 from you as the counselor. Your responses must align with the philosophy and goals of your chosen theory and with the multicultural contributions or strengths of that theory. Use your Theories of Counseling Chart to be sure that your interventions align with your theory’s key concepts, theory of change, interventions, and its vision of client and counselor roles. You will present the following:

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  • A brief introduction to the client scenario.
  • The theory you are choosing to apply, with a brief rationale for why it is appropriate for the client and his or her presenting problem.
  • Your script, which illustrates your chosen theory.
  • A paragraph discussing how concepts you applied in the script related to the theory’s key concepts, theory of change, interventions, and vision of client and counselor roles.
  • A paragraph discussing how your client’s social or cultural background affected your application of your chosen approach.
  • Cite readings and videos from this unit that you used to understand how to apply your chosen theory and its techniques.

Upload your Theories of Counseling Chart as an attachment to your post. It should be complete through Reality Therapy.

This discussion response should be a minimum of 500 words and maximum of 700 words.