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Read the passage. Next gather the equipment you’ll need: rope, a shovel for digging, sand to line your pond, large rocks or bricks, scissors, and a large plastic sheet. To figure out how large your plastic sheet should be, take the maximum length and width of the pond and add double the depth to each […]

PL401 Week EIGHT Final

Question 1 What is the most important lesson this course has taught you about science or technology? Whichspecific ideas or arguments from the authors we have read have taught you this lesson? Exactly why do you consider this lesson an important one? Please ensure that your answer is well-organized, make specific reference to relevant ideas […]

Art History paper

Have already written one and a half page. You only have to write 3 and a half page. Write a five-page paper (typed, double-spaced) in which you discuss these two paintings.  Read the sections in Gardner on Impressionism and Post-Impressionism.  No further research is necessary.   Your paper should focus on the stylistic changes involved […]

Technology, essay help

Please i need to do the panning page first page and second . The topic for the planning page is Technology . After you finish the planning page you have to write essay 5 paragraphs 1/ interdiction 2/ body one 3/ body two 4/ body three 5/ conclusion This is the pictures for planning page

Competing Interests in Public Policy, sociology homework help

Contemporary public policy often is the result of a complex series of interactions among a large group of actors. Legislative bodies and government agencies are important players in policy formulation and implementation; however, they are not the only entities involved. There is a multitude of interested parties that may be involved in a public policy […]

PSY350: Physiological Psychology Assignment

Selection of Final Project Topic This assignment is an analysis of a selected neuropsychological disorder. This topic choice will be used to complete the Week One Assignment (Topic Selection), Week Two Assignment (Outline of Final Project), and the Week Five Assignment (Final Project).  Select a neuropsychological disorder for comprehensive analysis from the following list, based […]

POL 110 US Government Week 6 Question 1

Who are some of the more powerful interest groups? What do they want from Congressmen, presidents and government officials in return for their money and support.What kind of activities can interest groups and lobbyists do to persuade the government to pass legislation in their interests, or to get the people to elect their preferred politicians […]

LASA 1: Taking Action

LASA 1: Taking Action In this course, you have been introduced to ethics, social problems, and social policy. This assignment will prompt action from you to help resolve a social issue. You must learn about a problem, find a piece of legislation addressing your concern, and act to help solve the problem. Using the textbook, […]

Analysis of connection between article’s main points and description, philosophy homework help

Write a review of the attached article that includes the following elements:  1. Summary of Article 2. Analysis of connection between article’s main points and description of interpretation and exegesis in unit lesson 3. Evaluation of the article’s conclusion and supporting reasons The paper should be at least two (2) pages, not including the title […]