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English Immigration Essay , writing homework help

Your assignment is to write an argument based on the sources below. They all take different perspectives on immigration. Your paper is not simply summarizing what each article says. You are supposed to use the articles to support a specific argument (i.e. your thesis). Broken and Obsolete by Fareed Zakaria (Time magazine) The Children of the Drug Wars by Sonia Nazario (New […]

Texas Government

Discussion 2: Choose ONE of the following questions to answer in the Discussion Board: This lesson covers Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 Distinguish between the regular and special sessions of the Texas legislature.  Describe the specific features of each and explain the role of the governor. Identify the legislative tools of persuasion available […]

Wk 10, Journal Entry

On Assignment for Rolling Stone_1_1.pdf You are to write a 3 page, double spaced book or movie review on a religious topic. Ensure that the film or book chosen for review has a religion theme or story line. Students are not required to interact with a text and a film, unless they are enamored of […]

Ethical Responsibilities of Human Services as a Profession

dear tutor please go with the social responsibility to please the consumer (client) You can reseach info from online…please cite Reflect & Respond This module has dealt mostly with ethical frameworks as they apply to each human service professional, yet social work (and by implication, human services) as a profession may have a responsibility to […]

finale social

I will have to send you the week 3 paper, therefore you will just need to write a 6 page Final Research Paper How to Begin: This week you will incorporate feedback from the Week Three Assignment to complete the Final Research Paper. You will have formed your own conclusions about these issues, based on factual […]

Effects of Advertising, social science homework help

Choose a product or service from these examples: Fast food Class of consumer product Personal care Automobile Research the Internet to analyze how that product or service has been advertised. Prepare a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you investigate the role of advertising in a culture of consumerism. Be sure to discuss […]

Society and Anthropology

What kind of Society would you like to live in? Are there economic alternatives in the current world we live in that is built in a non-capitalist way and is successful?  Build a 4 page paper.  Think about capitalism and the crisis related to it.  Think about anarchism and marxism.  Think about all the environmental issues […]

Express your feelings, english assignment help

Use this first reflection to express your feelings (500 words) about spending (almost) an entire semester talking about race. Be honest here…If it were me, I wouldn’t be thrilled. I’ve heard so much rhetoric surrounding race. I feel saturated in the topic sometimes. But, an entire semester spent talking about feminist issues would be divine! […]