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How Does This Relate to Me?, Journal Entry help

How Does This Relate to Me? Prior to beginning this journal entry, read “First Language Acquisition” (pp. 198-204) and “Second Language Learning” (pp. 205-211) in your required text, as well as the required article, “Understanding Reading Anxiety: New Insights from Neuroscience.” It is important for you to have already completed your initial discussion posts before […]


Final Project For your Final Project, you are asked to provide a task analysis (a step-by-step breakdown of a behavior) for a specific task (e.g., shoe tying, brushing teeth, buying groceries, doing laundry, etc.). Make sure to provide: 1.  A clear step-by-step breakdown of the behaviors that make up this task including any antecedent stimuli […]


“Labeling and Mental Disorders” Please respond to the following: From the e-Activity, identify the major advantages and disadvantages of labeling a person with a mental disorder. Next, describe how culture can influence our perceptions of mental disorders. Justify your response. e-Activity: Watch the video titled “The Gestalt Project: Stop the Stigma” (4 min 09 s). Video […]

Lifeskill Activities for Special Children

This week we start in the Lifeskills book.  Weekly there will be items to do from the book that help children acquire life skills and relay proper information.  The ‘to do’ items are included in the files attached.  While some of the work seems very simplistic remember, children don’t know basic information and have to […]

Special Considerations in Testing 2

Special Considerations in Testing Our psychologist, Keith, has been asked to conduct a psychoeducational evaluation on 8-year old Melanie. Melanie’s teacher and parents are concerned because she is having significant difficulty reading and comprehending information. She also has a hard time paying attention and is always talking out in class. She is a sweet girl […]

Myth and Reality of the White House Office in Week 5, discussion help

Review C-SPAN American History TV, Role of the White House Chief of Staff aired May 27, 2013. Five former White House Chiefs of Staff tell of their experiences while serving Presidents Ford, Reagan, Clinton and George W. Bush.http://www.c-span.org/video/?311873-1/white-house-chiefs-staff Review the document Summary of the Report of the Committee on Administrative Management, Franklin D. Roosevelt, president, […]

Fallacies and Biases Discussion

Needs to be about 400 words. Prepare: Prior to answering this week’s discussion, make sure you have completed the readings and Complete this week’s “The Graduate” and “Buying a Car” scenarios.  Reflect: As you worked through the scenarios, it probably occurred to you that the arguments you were presented with were likely to be biased. […]

Roman Empire, history homework help

List and briefly explain at least three “worldy” cultural or organizational practices from pre-Roman civilizations that the Roman Empire continued (and possibly even advanced) and that have also continued to this day. Include the name of the civilization that began this practice.