Analysis of a poem, english assignment help

Assignment Instructions:

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For this assignment, choose one of the following American poets and one of their poems for study and analysis: • Emily Dickinson (pp. 627-665) • Robert Frost (pp. 666-699) • Langston Hughes (pp. 700-735) After reading the background information on your chosen poet, choose the poem you want to analyze within the poet’s section in DiYanni and write a 2-3 page essay that answers ONE of the following prompts: 1. Discuss the values exemplified in the poem. Consider, that is, the cultural, moral, social, or ethical norms that either appear explicitly in the poem or are implied by it. Identify those values, relate them to your own, and comment on their significance. See Chapter 10 (pages 501-504) of Literature by DiYanni for more information. 2. Analyze the elements (imagery, diction, symbolism, rhyme, etc.) of the poem. How do these poetic elements create and convey the poem’s theme (or themes)? In other words, what is the point of the poem, and how does the author utilize the various poetic elements to get his point across? Be specific. See Chapter 12 of Literature by DiYanni for more information about the elements of poetry. 3. Consider the historical and social context of the poem. How did the poet work within and/or against the prevailing social attitudes, moral beliefs, or cultural dispositions of his or her time? See Chapter 31 (pages 1565-1567) of Literature by DiYanni for more information. See Chapters 10-13 of Literature by DiYanni for more information on reading and writing about poetry.