3 page paper, African history

Essay papers _Intro to African History II, Spring 2015

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Your papers should be 3 pages double-spaced.  You must have a title page, which does not count as part of the 3 pages double-spaced using Times New Roman font 12. Make sure that you have a beginning, in which you pose the question and suggest how you will go about answering it; a middle, in which you organize your evidence around an argument; and an end, where you respond to the question on the basis of the evidence and the argument you have developed. State a thesis in the introduction. Your essays should be well thought-out, clearly organized and carefully proofread and they should be based on information from all the assigned readings, videos and lectures prior (Don’t use arbitrary sources on the internet). You must cite three academic/scholarly sources, such as books, journals, articles and documentaries. It MUST first derive from our course materials, then outside sources. When citing your materials, you MUST use Chicago Style, which means essentially footnotes! You may agree or disagree with the authors or the lecturer, but your essays should demonstrate that you have read and thought carefully about the course materials in light of your own views. Answer only ONE question!

Essay No 3 Topics: DUE 4/22/15

1.  What were the impacts of colonial education on Africa? Give specific examples and illustrations from French, English and Portuguese colonies.

i added some sources you can use, please use at least one of mine but i need three to be used in the paper 

Missionary Medicine & Akan Therapeutics.pdf

Abolitionist Rhetorics, Colonial Conquest, & the Slow Death of Slavery in Germany’s African Empire.pdf

Legitimate Trade-3.pdf