2 pararaphs APA format

  • You will discuss TV/advertising.
  • Find one or two specific texts within the media type assigned to your group that demonstrate racial depiction in popular culture.(Remember that modern popular culture texts refers to movies, TV shows, pieces of music, books, magazines, etc. Also, modern popular culture references are not restricted to recent examples.)
  • Evaluate the implications of racial depiction in modern popular culture (through its texts).

With these thoughts in mind:

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2 paragraphs assessing the uniformity of depictions of race in modern popular culture. In a second paragraph, assess the ramifications of those depictions in modern popular culture. Support your assertions by making at least 2 references, in proper APA format, to your course readings


Samad, A. A. (2007, July 19–25). “Post-black” thought in art and culture: The continuing effort to make race relevant”. Los Angeles Sentinel, 72(50), p. A7.

Vedantam, S. (2008, March 24).
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