2-4 Page Rhetoric Formal Essay

Can someone right my English paper for me? It’s a “Persuasive Rhetoric Formal Essay.” In the paper I have to use Logical, Ethical, or Emotional Appeals along with Rhetorical Questions, Repetition, Parallelism, Antithesis. I had to choose and Amendment, which I chose the 19th Amendment. So I have to write about the inequalities in today’s society between men and women. I choose to write about how women aren’t equal to men by in violence, power and status, which those three things are my 3 main points. The paper has to be 2 and a half to 4 pages long. I need to have at least 3 direct quotes from reliable and credible sources as part of the argument support with using MLA citation for those direct quotes. The paper also needs 3 indirect quotes (paraphrases) from reliable and credible sources along with MLA citations. The paper can’t have 1st or 2nd person writing in it at all.

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